Friday, June 28, 2013

Peeling the walls

So we finally decided on a wall color for the entryway/kitchen/dining room/family room. It will be a nice creamy, buttery yellow. As my mom and I began to prep, a huge problem appeared. They didn't wash the walls before they painted! Also, they left some wallpaper, wallpaper backing, and wallpaper paste in some places on the walls behind the paint!
Cue peeling walls! Horrible.

The white is the color they sprayed the entire house to prepare it for sale, the other colors are old paint. They also obviously had paneling glued to the entryway walls at one point, so there is old glue still stuck on the walls that needs to be cleaned up and sanded down.

The color we chose is very close to Benjamin Moore's Haystack. For some reason that color turned up a bit neon on our walls, so we had them mix it a bit warmer, closer to Hawthorne Yellow.

Here are some of our test swatches (sorry for the bad pictures!)
So that is our final color on the far left. I put the custom color in stripes below the two colors we wanted to combine, just to show the differences. You can see how the Haystack sample, third to the right, is a lot lighter than we thought it would be. The other color, Copacabana, is second from the left, just read too green in the kitchen. Plus, there was no way I was picking a color with that name, I had the song stuck in my head for days after painting the swatches!

So that's all the progress so far, hopefully this process won't take forever and I will have before and after pictures for you soon!

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